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Below you can take a look at all media that involves MycoMeditations to help you stay up-to-date with all the stories and news that follows our psilocybin-assisted retreat program. This post will be continually updated, so if you would like to learn more about our retreats through media coverage and news surrounding MycoMeditations, bookmark this page!

AFAR Magazine

At a Magic Mushroom Retreat, a Comedian Reluctantly Embraces Her “Healing Journey”

For Negin Farsad, traveling to Jamaica for a psilocybin retreat started as a gig. After a week of tripping, she found it was about much more than getting high.

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Robb Report

I Tripped on Mushrooms (Legally) at a Therapy Retreat in Jamaica. It May Have Changed My Life.

At Bluefields Bay Villas, a boutique resort, MycoMeditations assisted an editor in coming face-to-face with childhood despair—and a rush of joy.

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Fortune Magazine

The new leadership retreat: taking psychedelics with your CEO

A growing body of research suggests that psychedelics promote changes in unyielding behaviors, which could benefit personal and professional life.

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Sunday Times

Trip of a Lifetime

Nothing could help Decca Aitkenhead process her grief after her husband drowned in Jamaica. Until she returned there for a magic mushroom retreat.

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The Battle Over Psychedelic Therapy’s Future

VICE correspondent Charlet Duboc joined us on retreat as part of this episode's coverage of the emerging field of psychedelic therapy. Coverage of MycoMeditations begins at 35:22 of the video.

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I Took 28 Grams of Magic Mushrooms at a Retreat in Jamaica—Here’s Why

A guest's heartfelt account of her experience at MycoMeditations.

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Seeking Distruption

My Psychedelic Summer

A guest shares about he and his wife's experience together at MycoMeditations.

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Here’s how much ‘magic mushroom retreats’ like Goop Lab’s actually cost

CNBC coverage about MycoMeditations in 2020. Prices referred to in the article have since changed.

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Psychedelic mushrooms expand Jamaica tourism beyond sunshine and reggae

An overview of MycoMeditations Psilocybin-Assisted Retreats alongside reflections of psilocybin's emerging use in Jamaica.

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psilocybin mushrooms in front of clear sky by mycomeditations retreat

Self-Reported Client Data on Therapeutic Outcomes for PTSD

Self-Reported Client Data on Therapeutic Outcomes for PTSD
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