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According to recent and ongoing research, psilocybin is one of the most effective psychedelics to assist with overcoming a range of conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction, to name but a few. Psilocybin can catalyze enormous positive and lasting changes within individuals, as well as help to unlock creative and spiritual potential.

Why is Psilocybin

There is a growing body of medical research that helps us understand why psilocybin is such a powerful therapeutic tool. Researchers are still discovering exactly how mushrooms impact the brain, but we are beginning to develop an understanding of the psychological, neurological, and physiological processes that make psilocybin such a valuable therapeutic tool.

Opportunities to access layers of the unconscious that are typically inaccessible.

A space where new ideas and beliefs about yourself and the world can emerge.

A fully integrated self that naturally assists you in navigating through life.

Psilocybin heightens neuroplasticity and disrupts rigid neural structures in the brain.

A window for positive change occurs within the brain as psilocybin takes effect.

Alleviating the symptoms of trauma following psilocybin-assisted therapy.

Psilocybin & Psychedelic Therapy in the Media

“Mystical-type effects produced by psychedelics have been linked across the board to benefits in a number of different populations, including people with depression, cancer patients, and people with different types of substance use disorders.”

“Research increasingly suggests that psychedelics can be powerful tools for treating a variety of mental-health conditions, from PTSD and depression to addiction and eating disorders.”

“Prominent researchers and mental health professionals “are starting to wake up to what shamans have been saying for years, psychoactive substances have immense therapeutic potential.”

“Psychedelics are emerging from the underground as a new generation of researchers amasses evidence that mind-altering drugs offer new and effective therapies to help stem the rising tides of mental illness.”

“More celebrities are opening up about their experiences with psychedelics. In his new 60 Minutes interview, Prince Harry reveals he used psychedelics to treat mental health difficulties. NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers has attributed his success to hallucinogenic tea.”

Psilocybin’s Versatility

One mushroom addressing many conditions.

Besides psilocybin mushrooms being legal in Jamaica, we work with psilocybin because it is a remarkably therapeutic psychedelic compound. Psilocybin is proving to be effective in improving people’s symptoms across numerous mental health issues and allowing them to thrive through many of life’s challenges. Joining a MycoMeditations retreat allows you to access this wonderful therapy accompanied by experienced staff and proven methods.

Psilocybin Research

The institutes and organizations below are dedicated to researching the effects of psilocybin and other psychoactive compounds. We encourage you to explore the exciting research continuing to emerge around psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Cultivating Psilocybin Mushrooms for Your Retreat

Growing Our Own High-Quality Mushrooms

MycoMeditations operates a cultivation company called Magnificent Mushrooms, operated entirely by locals of Treasure Beach. This is one of many ways that we support the community and spread awareness and knowledge about psilocybin mushrooms in the area. We cultivate, dry, and blend your mushrooms before encapsulating the powder into 0.5g capsules. Our psilocybin mushrooms are lab-tested to ensure optimal potency and consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any dangers that can come from taking psilocybin mushrooms? +

Psilocybin mushrooms are one of the safest substances in terms of overdose or addictive potential. You would need to eat the equivalent of half your bodyweight in mushrooms to overdose. Their unique psychoactive properties make mushrooms practically anti-addictive.

The dangers with psilocybin are related to them being used irresponsibly and the psychological experience that this can create. When ingested in inappropriate settings, with a lack of preparation for what may arise or with inadequate surrounding support, the experience may be negative or damaging. Certain difficult experiences without the proper preparation, care, or integration can be challenging for the psyche to see positively.

At MycoMeditations, we have created an environment where this experience is done with every measure to be optimized safely. When taken in conditions best suited for healing, even difficult psilocybin journeys can be remarkably transformative.

How long does a psilocybin session last? +

The duration of a psilocybin experience can vary person to person, but generally a session will last around 5-6 hours after consuming the mushrooms. It usually takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour for the medicine to take effect followed by 2-3 hours in the peak state with a gradual come down over a few more hours.

Will psilocybin make me nauseous? +

While nausea and other physical symptoms are less common and pronounced than they are for other psychedelic medicines such as ayahuasca, there is still a chance that nausea may arise when on mushrooms, particularly for higher doses.

What is important for everybody seeking psilocybin-assisted therapy to understand is that mushrooms not only work on you neurologically and psychologically, but also deeply into the nervous system. The nervous system holds trauma deeply within the body, and as mushrooms and other psychedelics begin to help you move and release the energy within it, the feelings and sensations that can arise may cause nausea.

This type of nausea is something to lean into, as it will pass. Healing deeply can come with challenges, but our team is there to make this process easier and to encourage you to see what waits for you on the other side of these experiences. We will also provide you with techniques and coping mechanisms that can be applied both before, and during a dose if this comes up for you.

How long do the benefits of psilocybin last after the experience? +

The degree of positive after-effects following psilocybin-assisted therapies can vary depending on many factors. This includes how well a person engages with the actual experience, appropriate dosing amounts, the quality of support offered and the focus and discipline throughout the integration process.

Psilocybin also promotes neuroplasticity within the brain for up to 4-6 weeks following each experience. This allows people to break down unhelpful beliefs, thought patterns, and behaviors to establish improved, healthier ways of being.

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