What have past guests said about MycoMeditations?

"I’m off my antidepressants and proud of myself; I just feel like a more fully integrated person. That negative critic inside my head has just almost totally shut up. My friends have noticed the difference and are already signing up for their own retreats with Myco!"

- Charlet

"My anxiety, a "10" going in, varies from zero to one or two. This change is, without a doubt, absolutely astonishing."

- Alan

"I’m convinced eight days with MycoMeditations did more to help heal my psyche than a lifetime of pills/IVs and counseling was ever going to. I frequently see the word “ineffable” used by others to describe their psilocybin experiences, and I’m similarly at a loss for words."

- J.R.

"It was among the two or three most difficult experiences of my life, but I've come out of it with my depression symptoms very much lessened, and I can't say that for any other treatment I've tried over the last 25 years. Steel yourself, come prepared for hard emotional work, and give it your all. You'll be grateful you did."

- Steve

"For over 30 years I have tried every available treatment to alleviate anxiety and depression. These past treatments were only bandaids as the inherent problems never really went away. Psilocybin got to the root cause. But what makes MycoMeditations work is the extraordinary group of support staff and the gorgeous natural environment."

- John

"Next to giving birth to my two daughters, this has been the most beautiful and life changing experience of my life. Before booking this trip, I read every single review on TripAdvisor and everyone was absolutely right."

- Michelle

"You need to come here. People who have spent a lifetime in therapy or on various forms of antidepressants or anti-anxiety meds, please don’t give up and come to Myco. Life. Changing. Experience."

- Chad

"We are walking trauma units. If you are scared of anything in life, come here and let it all go. Let the process have you and you will never ever wonder what if again. Bare your soul...you will leave a better you."

- Stefon

"I have suffered with a major depressive disorder for decades. The mushroom experience facilitated intense personal insight and reflection, and I am happy for the first time I can remember. I returned home and am continuing to improve, and each day is better than the last. As a side note, after the first treatment, my chronic pain was gone, and after 3 weeks, it is still gone. I was not expecting that and am enjoying it immensely."

- Terri

“I've been back from this experience for a week and I am certain my life will now be divided: Life before MycoMeditations and life after MycoMeditations.”

- Jessica

“This retreat was akin to doing a lifetime of therapy in one week. Using psilocybin in a setting that is caring and very supportive has been more therapeutic for me than my 30+ years of being in therapy and on medication for anxiety and depression.”

- Laura

“A MycoMeditations retreat will eventually rise up to the status of Mecca, on the must do list, for the psychedelic adventurer.”

- Tony

“For anyone seriously considering psilocybin therapy and don’t know where to start, I highly recommend looking into attending one of the upcoming MycoMeditations Retreats. You will not be disappointed.”

- Chris

“I’ve been to a few psychedelic retreats. I thought MycoMeditations was my favorite by far.”

- Raoul