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Why Choose MycoMeditations?

Psilocybin mushrooms have the potential to inspire deep personal transformation. For many years we have facilitated thousands of psilocybin sessions and witnessed profound improvements to treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction in the lives of our guests.

MycoMeditations acts as a bridge between traditional knowledge and modern research. While we have deep respect for the shamanic tradition, this is not a shamanic retreat. We provide an evidence-based and approachable setting where guests from all walks of life can legally experience the transformative power of one of nature’s oldest medicines.

The Group Experience

Psilocybin has traditionally been consumed in a group setting. The shared group experience has the power to create a greater sense of connectedness, and forge communal bonds that last a lifetime.

We simply are not meant to go through our most significant challenges in life alone. Intimate groups of no more than twelve people ensure you get the best of everything on your retreat; a sense of supportive community to share your experience with and plenty of space for your own transformative journey.

Why is a Retreat Setting Better?

There are many opinions about which environment is the most effective for psilocybin-assisted therapy. Evidence and experience supports that our nature-based retreat model plays an active role in our guests’ positive outcomes.

Unlike a clinical environment, our retreat centers create a natural separation from your usual daily patterns and routines. New surroundings create space for you to focus on yourself intensely. Environmental factors, from our retreat locations’ unspoiled beauty to the easy pace of life, positively enhance your mindset before, during, and after your experience.

At present, our retreats in Jamaica are one of the few ways you can experience psilocybin in a setting that is both legal and therapeutically supported. We have helped over a thousand guests transform their lives through our psilocybin-assisted retreat model.

Retreat Itinerary

Decide if a MycoMeditations retreat is the right approach for you. We make sure there is plenty of downtime for you to relax and reflect throughout the retreat. Here’s what to expect from one of our eight-day experiences:


Arrival Day
Arrive in Jamaica,
settle in and
meet your fellow
retreat guests and
facilitation team.


First Dose
Experience a
lighter dose
of psilocybin for
your first


Integration Day
Integration of your
first session and
preparation for
the rest of
the week.


Second Dose
Consume an
increased dose
for a deeper
healing session
with psilocybin.


Integration Day
Integration for
yesterday's high
dose experience
and envisioning a
plan for home.


Third Dose
Take an increased dose to explore further, maintain dosage, or decrease it to consolidate.


Integration Day
Final integration day
where we help
you contextualize
and make meaning
of the entire week.


Departure Day
Return home feeling
lighter with new
perspectives and
a plan for
moving forward.

The Benefits of Sharing Your Experiences

We, as a species, are social beings and thrive best when we are able to make connections with other individuals on similar life experiences. Led by our team of trained and specialized facilitators and therapists, group therapy provides our clients with:

  • An opportunity to gain insight into oneself
  • A safe space to share and explore thoughts and feelings
  • Emotional support from individuals going through similar experiences
  • Reassurance that you are not alone in your experiences and mental health challenges

Strategies and techniques learned from group therapies can also be used outside of counselling services, such as in workplaces, educational facilities, and so on.

Fostering a Safe Environment During Your Magic Mushroom Experience:
Treating Your Depression & Anxiety From a New Perspective

Our team of highly experienced facilitators and therapists are here to assist our guests in any way possible. While group therapy is not required during your stay on our psilocybin-assisted retreats, it is a crucial part of creating a strong support network and making the most out of your psilocybin experience. Guests are encouraged to participate in group discussions at their own comfort level during their eight-day experience with us.

Following your stay with us, all retreat groups enter a continued integrated process that includes multiple group meetings over Zoom with a therapist from the retreat. This ensures that our guests are provided with ongoing support and opportunities to continuously self-reflect and work towards positive changes in their lives.

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An Environment for Everyone

Psilocybin-assisted therapy can provide long-lasting benefits for people of all backgrounds, ideologies, and dispositions. We aim to create an environment that is non-dogmatic and accommodating to all.

You can relax knowing you’re in good hands. With a wealth of experiential knowledge and diverse backgrounds, our facilitators and therapists will be able to guide you through any unique way your psilocybin experience unfolds.

Learn more about our approach to treatment.

Dosing and Preparation

Even if you’re open to the idea of confronting traumatic or challenging issues, you may still come with some anxiety around the psychedelic experience itself. We find that an understanding of dosing and preparation can offer some confidence here

Our psilocybin mushrooms are legally sourced from our own cultivation facility. Doses are prepared by drying, grinding, blending, and encapsulating a harvest of psilocybin mushrooms into 0.5-gram increments to ensure a consistent and measurable potency. 

During your eight-day retreat, you will receive three doses of psilocybin. Doses will start conservatively and gradually increase throughout the week. Our MycoMeditations team will work with you to determine a dosage that both honors your limits and brings about the transformation you’ve been seeking.*

*We ask that participants respect our dosage recommendations. MycoMeditations reserves the right to deny psilocybin onsite to anyone who has exhibited dangerous behavior or seems too unstable for psilocybin. To help us accurately anticipate individual needs, please be thorough and honest on your application regarding mental illness, medications, etc.

Measuring Progress, Effectiveness, and Outcomes

If you have already tried everything, you’re probably wondering whether psilocybin could be the treatment that finally works.

Here’s what we can tell you. Clinical research supports that psilocybin-assisted therapy produces astounding results in  patients with treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD, OCD, and other ailments. We see these dramatic changes every week.. Our post-retreat surveys and a collaborative study with Imperial College London confirm that nearly all guests who have come through a MycoMeditations retreat express significant, lasting relief that positively impacts their wellbeing.

Psilocybin is not a silver bullet. Healing from complex psychological issues is a process, and the work will not be over once the psilocybin effect has passed. That being said, these experiences can play an influential role in your healing journey when combined with a dedicated integration plan that we provide.

We invite you to relax expectations of any particular effect or outcome. Trust in the process, and let’s see what unfolds.

Begin Your Journey to Healing

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