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The MycoMeditations

Our retreats utilize a wealth of traditional knowledge combined with modern research and evidence-based therapeutic modalities, delivering you the most impactful and lasting outcomes. Vast experience along with continual refinement of our methods over time comes together with your healing being the focus of it all.

Staffed with Experienced Therapists & Facilitators

Our team is here to enhance your therapeutic process and ensure effective integration throughout the week.

In addition to completing the MycoMeditations training program, many of our therapists have also independently completed psychedelic-assisted therapy training at world-renowned institutes and bring extensive experience working with individuals experiencing psilocybin.

Our therapy team will be involved both group and one-on-one discussion to ensure that you are safe and supported while processing any challenging issues. Every retreat is staffed with multiple therapists to help you navigate your experience and find clarity.


MycoMeditations utilizes a variety of the most applicable and effective therapeutic approaches within our retreat model.

Depth Psychology

Somatic Therapy

Internal Family Systems


Transpersonal Psychology

Psychoeducation is a
Foundational Component

A central element of our psilocybin-assisted retreats is psychoeducation. Your therapy team will provide you with the tools to better understand and work with your body, mind, and spirit going forward. We draw upon therapeutic modalities and frameworks relevant to what unfolds for you at MycoMeditations. Experiences of each guest are synthesized into teachings for everyone.

Determining Dosage

Our approach to determine your psilocybin doses will be case-by-case, as the needs and requirements of each guest are unique, subject to their sensitivity and tolerance to psilocybin. Our extensive experience of administering psilocybin mushrooms to nearly 2000 individuals ensures that we will determine the optimal dose for each of your sessions.

Our Three Dose Regimen

First Session
3-5g dried powder

Become familiar with a lower therapeutic use of psilocybin mushrooms in this setting. For majority of our guests, this will be their first psychedelic experience, allowing the exploration of a gentler dose and to see what begins to emerge. How you respond in the first dose better enables our team to dial in the subsequent doses.

Second Session
3-10g dried powder

To achieve the desired therapeutic outcomes, an increase in dosage is recommended for all guests during the second session. This dosage range is where the therapeutic effects of psilocybin mushrooms become heightened and deeper processing begins.

Third Session
3-15g dried powder

The final dose is subject to the outcomes achieved from prior doses and the degree of relief from symptoms. Many guests opt to increase the third dose for deeper work, while others may choose to repeat their second dose or decrease to consolidate their week.

Ensuring Your Safety

Beyond the care of our therapy team, all retreats are staffed with a registered nurse. We always have a doctor and psychiatrist on call. Our staff is highly experienced, and each team member receives extensive and ongoing training before taking on larger responsibilities with our guests. Years of refining our methods and protocols has created the safest structure for you to receive psilocybin-assisted therapy at our retreats.

What Happens Before
& After the Retreat?

Preparation starts before your retreat begins.


Our therapists carefully screen each application to evaluate psychiatric diagnoses, medications, contraindications, medical conditions, and other factors. If any questions arise regarding your application, you may discuss this with one of our therapists.

Upon successful application approval and registration, a call will then be scheduled with a therapist from our team to better understand your needs and goals. This is your opportunity to share your challenges and hopes freely, ask any questions, and to receive guidance on how to best prepare.

You will be sent guidance and preparation materials in the months and weeks leading up to your retreat to make your retreat experience as smooth as possible.

Integrating psychedelic experiences is an ongoing process.


Your retreat may bring revelations or a series of gradual realizations that unfold over time. We will be there to assist you in the weeks and months that follow your retreat.

Following each retreat, your group will have the opportunity to reconnect and continue the work through a series of two-hour online group integration sessions. After just a week together, you will have formed deep bonds and connections with your fellow retreat guests and team. Retreat groups are active in our private chats long after the retreat has ended. Support is always available.

Those looking for one-on-one guidance can also opt for a referral to one of the vetted psychedelic integration specialists from our private network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you focus on certain therapeutic frameworks more than others? +

There are certain psychological frameworks and therapies which resonate most deeply with psychedelic experiences. Over the years, we administered thousands of psilocybin doses and led extensive hours of integration discussion. We identified themes and patterns that continually emerged and developed a therapeutic framework to best support this process.

As a result, we have incorporated a unique therapeutic methodology and only hire therapists and facilitators that are experienced in these relevant modalities.

What is this element of ‘psychoeducation’ within your retreats? +

With group therapy being a significant part of our retreats, we facilitate a range of discussions where one guest’s psilocybin experience or personal history can be an opportunity for others to also learn from. During our daily group discussions, therapists on our team skillfully weave their individual work with one guest into a lesson for the whole group. This approach is a central piece of the healing that happens on every retreat.

As always, privacy is a main priority for our guests. You can rest assured that only what you willingly share in the group is spoken of around others. Anything that you speak to a team member about privately, will remain private.

How do you determine the psilocybin mushroom dosage during the retreat? +

Determining your ideal dosage is done by considering many different factors and is unique for every guest, and for every dose. Psilocybin is a medicine that works best when it can access deeply held emotions or beliefs. Your individual dosage plays a large role in accessing the material that needs to be processed.

Neurologically, higher doses can be a requirement to successfully move a person into a state of consciousness needed to heal. For people with rigid, long-standing mental health issues, shifting deeply reinforced neural pathways can require higher doses of mushrooms. We have administered thousands of psilocybin doses and have developed a dosing protocol that has proven to be highly effective.

Is it safe to dose three times in one week? +

Psilocybin has no addictive properties, and the tolerance buildup is minimal with our dosing schedule. From our years of experience, our three-dose regimen is the most optimal method for achieving the best long-term outcome.

How can I get additional integration support after the retreat? +

We have curated a private network of psychedelic integration experts that are in-line with our retreat methodology. After your retreat you will be sent contact information for this network should you wish to seek one-on-one support in addition to your post-retreat group integration.

If you are currently working with a mental health professional and would like care coordination with our team at MycoMeditations, we can arrange for confidential communications with your mental health professional to best assist you as well.

We have a wide variety of retreats for you to choose from for your life-changing experience
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