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Our community of Treasure Beach has been devastated by Hurricane Beryl. We are working on getting basic operations back up and running as soon as possible. Please bear with us during this difficult time.
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A Profound &
Life-Changing Week

Retreats for people who are ready to heal and discover themselves.

Psilocybin mushrooms have the potential to inspire deep personal transformation. We have facilitated thousands of psilocybin sessions and witnessed profound improvements to treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction and more in the lives of our guests.

These experiences can be monumental in changing the course of people’s lives for the better. To best assist this process between you and the mushrooms, our retreats are staffed with highly experienced therapy teams to support you within an immersive group environment.

Intensive Personal Journeys

Psilocybin: A gateway to healing yourself.

Therapeutic work with psilocybin mushrooms can evoke a wide range of emotions, from blissful to terrifying, with experiences that can be smooth or challenging. These rich experiences allow you to dive into your psyche to uncover and understand what has caused you pain, held you back, and find the keys to your own healing. MycoMeditations assists you in safely taking this journey of individuation and becoming whole.

Supportive & Compassionate Group Environments

Receive the care and connection you deserve.

8-Day Retreat

To best compliment your psilocybin sessions, we make sure there is plenty of downtime for you to relax and reflect throughout the retreat. Here’s what to expect from one of our eight-day experiences:

Day 1 +


Arrive in Jamaica and enjoy a scenic drive to your retreat location. Settle in and enjoy a delicious Jamaican evening meal and get to know your fellow retreat guests and therapy team.

Day 2 +


We spend the morning learning about you and the other guests’ personal stories, challenges, and intentions for the week. This is followed by dose preparation and psychoeducation where we share our guidance for the week’s journeys with you before the group has their first mushroom session in the early afternoon.

Day 3 +


Group integration of yesterday’s experience starts the day, followed by lunch. The afternoon can be spent relaxing and reflecting on the retreat grounds and beach or having a massage. Complete the day with an evening meal, thinking and conversing about tomorrow’s session.

Day 4 +


We begin the day by checking in to see if new insights or emotions have arisen and how each of you feel about the upcoming session. We then prepare you for the second dose of the retreat, which will be taken around noon.

Day 5 +


We spend the morning discussing everybody’s second experience and assist you in starting to envision a plan for returning home. The afternoon is free with leisure time followed by the evening meal at your retreat location or a local restaurant.

Day 6 +


The third session starts at a similar time to the second session. For your final dose, you can take an increased dose to explore further, maintain your dosage, or decrease it to get started on consolidating your week.

Day 7 +


The final integration is all about taking your third experience and understanding how it fits into the prior two experiences and the larger picture of your life in general as we prepare you for going back home.

Day 8 +


We enjoy a final breakfast together followed by touching farewells amongst the other guests and staff. We then transport you back to the airport to catch your flight.

Our Psilocybin Sessions

Your Own Private Space

Support Is Always on Hand

Flexible Locations

Skilled Guidance

Extensive Preparation
& Integration

Hours of Group and Private Therapy

Retreat groups will have engaged in approximately 20 hours of therapeutic discussion by the end of the week, receiving the most comprehensive preparation and therapeutic integration offered. Our therapy team’s care includes extensive preparation for navigating your psilocybin sessions and continual assistance to best integrate your experiences.

Individualized Hospitality

Making Your Week as
Smooth as Possible

Our operations and hospitality team goes above and beyond to take care of all the details and needs outside of your therapeutic process. We aim to remove stress from your personal and logistical matters so that you can focus on your goals for the retreat and bring your full attention to the psilocybin experiences and integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect to happen to me during the retreat? +

Engaging with psilocybin mushrooms therapeutically requires bravery and trust. Most people who join MycoMeditations are coming to heal from an ailment that stems from their past. Every one of us is formed through an infinite complexity of personality, experiences and perceptions, and psilocybin helps us uncover and understand our personal mysteries. We often use the phrase, “The mushrooms don’t give you what you want, but they give you what you need.” Psilocybin is a wonderous medicine because of the way it evokes exactly what it is that you need to process for healing. This is why bravery and trust are important when you join MycoMeditations. Bravely enter the sessions without knowing exactly what will arise, but trust that whatever unfolds will be for your benefit. Our team will help guide you through whatever emerges, no matter the material.

Do I have to participate in the group discussions? +

We ask that all guests make their best effort to fully participate in the group discussions, as this is a group retreat. It is rare that you can dedicate a full week truly being your authentic self with all your challenges open to be addressed and supported. Being fully vulnerable and honest about any issues that are holding you back, and opening up about your past is a necessary component for healing. This is a non-judgmental space where this level of openness is not only accepted but encouraged. Alongside the psilocybin sessions, the group camaraderie is a significant element of the healing. The more vulnerability you put into this experience, the more you will get out of it.

Do we dose in a group or privately? +

By having small group sizes and more therapeutic staff, we can spread guests apart during their sessions. We don’t hold ceremonies in a circle or in one room, as is often seen with other retreats or shamanic practice. We utilize the entire landscape of our retreat locations to create privacy for everybody. The only person with you will be the designated staff member who is close by, and ready to assist as needed. In addition to our facilitation team spread around the property, your retreat leader spends the dose checking on all guests. The experience is highly introspective, with most people listening to music through noise-cancelling headphones and behind eyeshades.

Are there any tours or excursions during the retreat? +

We have a very structured model for your retreats, which is built around an emphasis for healing. There will be down time throughout the week where you can hike, swim, journal, and spend time with our team and fellow retreat guests. Every retreat is different, as we schedule optional activities and meal outings based on the availability of offerings at the location, and within our community. As your week will most likely require some rest and reflection amid intensive psilocybin sessions, we intentionally leave space open for downtime and relaxation.

We have a wide variety of retreats for you to choose from for your life-changing experience
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