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Below you can listen to podcasts that have interviewed Justin Townsend, the CEO of MycoMeditations. This post will be continually updated with all new appearances, so if you would like to learn more about our retreats by listening to podcasts with Justin, bookmark this page!

Soft White Underbelly with Matt Laita

Episode Description:

Soft White Underbelly (5.5+ Million Subscribers) interview and portrait of Justin Townsend, the CEO of MycoMeditations, a psilocybin mushroom retreat in Jamaica.

Dualistic Unity with Andrew & Ray

Episode Description:

In this latest episode, we delve into a transformative journey with our guest, Justin Townsend. Our discussion orbits around the enlightening power of present-focused attention and the rich, often untapped fullness of our experiences. We explore the transformative impact of psychedelics, not as an end but as a means to rediscover forgotten pathways within ourselves. Justin, CEO of MycoMeditations, shares his unique blend of corporate and psychedelic experiences, offering a nuanced perspective on the intersection of modern therapy and ancient wisdom.

This episode is a testament to the courage of confronting our inner darkness and the resilience found in self-acceptance and authenticity. We discuss the delicate balance between scientific rigor and the shamanic approach in psychedelic therapy, emphasizing the importance of living an integrative, authentic life. Our conversation is a deep dive into the nuances of psychedelic experiences, their therapeutic potentials, and the journey towards self-realization. This episode is a must-listen for anyone intrigued by the intersection of modern science and ancient wisdom, and for those seeking a deeper understanding of their own psyche. Join us in this enlightening discussion where the unspoken theme is the transformative power of self-awareness and the journey towards a unified self.

The Creative Condition with Ben Tallon

Episode Description:

The science increasingly points to a very positive link between (responsibly and professionally administered) psilocybin - or 'magic mushrooms' - and mental health.

After reading American-Iranian comedian, writer, and actor Negin Farsad's experience on a Jamaican psychedelic retreat, written for AFAR, I talked to both Negin, and CEO/Head-facilitator of Mycomeditations, Justin Townsend about psychedelics, mental health, and creativity.

This is a warm, deep, intriguing insight into the world of fungi and the human experience, which touches upon Jungian depth psychology, the default mode network, and the things that hold us back from our optimal creativity.

Developing Meaning with Dirk Winter

Episode Description:

Are you curious about psychedelic retreats? Join us for an insider’s perspective with Justin Townsend, CEO of MycoMeditations, the oldest and largest psilocybin mushroom therapeutic retreat center in Jamaica. We discuss the process of safety screening, and the potential of using psychedelics to overcome trauma, ease depression, and reconnect with our authentic selves.

Justin shares his personal journey, from tech startups, to the European psychedelic underground, to learning and teaching breathwork and meditation, and then joining MycoMeditations in Jamaica. Having facilitated thousands of healing journeys, he shares how these retreats can provide unique insights into our individual and collective human condition. We probe the metaphysics of consciousness and healing and examine how psychedelics can influence belief and faith, which can alter our physiology and bring greater understanding and meaning to our lives.

As we conclude our conversation, we reflect on Carl Jung’s concept of Individuation and Integration, and the transformative stories of guests at MycoMeditations. We discuss life and work in Jamaica, and highlight the importance of surrender and authenticity. We invite you to immerse yourself in this captivating world of psychedelic therapy – a world that promises to challenge, inspire, and transform.

Adventures Through the Mind with James W. Jesso

Episode Description:

The journey of bringing psilocybin therapy to the masses continues.

And the complexities of doing so as a retreat business, without being contorted away from your ethos by the economic force of the modern corporate world, while also maintaining the capacity to provide safe, positive, and effectively healing experiences for your guests, is the topic of this episode of the podcast.

Specifically, we feature an interview with Justin Townsend from MycoMediations retreat centre in Jamaica to talk about the complexities described above, as well as the nuances of his team’s therapeutic framework for group psilocybin therapy in natural contexts.

Justin Townsend is the CEO and Head Facilitator at the psilocybin therapy retreat centre MycoMeditations.

Throughout his career he has worked as a business leader across a range of industries, helping innovative companies identify opportunities, communicate their vision and deliver profitable products. But he has also been on a personal quest to explore alternative healing therapies to combat his own anxiety and depression.

Over the past 20 years Justin has delved into both transpersonal and Jungian depth psychology, explored psychedelic modes of healing and developed meditation and breath work techniques, which he taught in Germany.

After attending a private retreat with MycoMeditations in 2017, he saw the opportunity to combine his unique business skills with his interest in alternative healing methods. Justin joined the MycoMeditations team soon afterwards, becoming partner and CEO in 2019.

He is on the show for this episode to explore two specific topic themes:

  1.  The business side of running a successful psilocybin retreat centre in the economic context of the modern corporate world without losing your ethics in the process
  2.  The therapeutic framework and philosophy that MycoMeditations holds for their retreats and their guests.

In effect, these are the two sides of the conversation. Where the first half is all business, and the latter half focused in the therapeutic end of things (with a brief return business ethics at the very end).

Some of the things we cover on the first side of the conversation: Justin’s journey from the corporate world to running an psychedelic psilocybin therapy retreat centre; psychopathology and integrity in the corporate world and how good people end up doing bad things; the nuances around running a financially successful psychedelic retreat centre without ethical sacrifices; what it means to be building what they call “gold-standard for group-facilitated psilocybin therapeutics in natural settings”; data propriety; and supporting peer-reviewed research.

In the other half of the conversation we explore: why MycoMeditations holds an entity “non-shamanic” framework for their psilocybin work; how to support someone who has a beyond Western framework experience from a non-shamanic framework; helping to prevent post-psychedelic hypomania from evolving into psychosis; differentiating between psychosis and a “normal psychotomimetic response”; non-pharmacological interventions for psychosis and psychotomimetic responses; as well as The Golden Shadow and the dangers of golden-shadow projection in both psychedelic therapy and spiritual communities.

The Psychedelic Therapy Podcast with Maya Health

Episode Description:

There are only a few places in the world which offer legal access to high impact psilocybin retreats. MycoMeditations, stewarded by today’s guest Justin Townsend, is leading the way in sustainable, ethical psychedelic healing that takes into account the unique environment and needs of Jamaica and its people.

On the show, we discuss Jungian-depth psychology and other therapeutic modalities used at MycoMeditations. We talk about the value of a comprehensive, holistic team of caregivers for cathartic experiences. We review the efficacy of psilocybin as compared to ketamine therapy and ayahuasca ceremonies. Finally, we discuss the landscape of psychedelic healing in Jamaica and the importance of ethical entheogenic businesses.

MycoMeditations is a retreat that combines the powerful healing of multiple, high-dose psilocybin experiences, a safe and caring group environment created by a knowledgeable support staff, and serene locations to catalyze life-changing transformations.

As a business leader and startup advisor in a range of industries including the health care space, Justin Townsend has also been on a personal quest to explore alternative healing therapies to combat his own anxiety and depression. Over the past 20 years, Justin has delved into both transpersonal and Jungian psychology, explored psychedelic modes of healing and developed meditation and breath work techniques, which he taught in Germany. Justin joined the MycoMeditations team in 2017, becoming partner and CEO in 2019. As a retreat facilitator, Justin draws inspiration from the profound healing he is privileged to witness and believes that psychedelics offer an exciting path forward for mental health.

The Benzinga Interviews with Lara Goldstein

A business leader and startup advisor in several industries including the healthcare space, Justin’s 20 years of experience exploring psychedelic therapies for wellbeing -and current work as a facilitator- inform his quest for providing truly thoughtful experiences for people wishing to undergo psychedelic modalities of healing.

The Mushroom Show with FreshCap

Episode Description:

In this episode of The Mushroom Show, we test 4 different types of mushroom jerky (so you don't have to) and figure out which mushroom makes the best one. The answer might surprise you. We also cover everything you need to know about the growing trend of "psilocybin retreats", what they're like, how people are benefitting from them, and what's the reason behind the increased popularity in recent years. Finally, we interview Justin Townsend, the head facilitator and CEO of MycoMeditations, a long standing psilocybin retreat in Jamaica.

Funga with Milana Abensperg und Traun

Episode Description:

Justin is the CEO and Head Facilitator at MycoMeditations. Based in Jamaica, MycoMeditations is one of the few legal psilocybin retreats in the world. Over the past 20 years, Justin has delved into both transpersonal and Jungian depth psychology, explored psychedelic modes of healing, and developed meditation and breathwork techniques, which he taught in Germany.

I was introduced to Justin just as I was formulating the concept around Funga. I view him as a mentor because he has given me fantastic guidance and advice and is also one of the most knowledgable people I have come across surrounding psychedelics. This episode discusses topics such as the difference between ayahuasca and psilocybin, psychedelic synchronicities, and his imposter syndrome. I apologize for the slight background noise, as we needed to record this podcast remotely. Please don’t let that stop you from listening! There is so much to learn from Justin; he is one of the most knowledgeable people I have come across surrounding psychedelics.

Mycopreneur with Dennis Walker

Episode Description:

Justin Townsend is the CEO of MycoMeditations, a world class psilocybin mushroom retreat center in Treasure Beach, Jamaica.

We learn about the dynamics of the legal magic mushroom industry in Jamaica, the practicalities inherent to running a premium operation in the mushroom retreat space, the flow of a week at a mushroom retreat with MycoMeditations, and the net positive benefits of having such an operation present on the island of Jamaica.

In Pursuit of Better with Jordan Simon

Episode Description:

Justin Townsend is the CEO for Jamaica-based MycoMeditations, a pioneer and leader in wellness tourism that has been helping thousands of people through its legal psilocybin-assisted retreats. Through his expertise and leadership, Justin has helped shape the psychedelics renaissance. As psychedelics continue to play a larger role in mental health, more and more people are seeking effective therapies that address the root of their depression, anxiety, PTSD or other conditions. Many of these individuals are pursuing treatment through the trust of psilocybin-assisted retreats. Justin has worked in many aspects of the psychedelic industry, including as a retreat facilitator where he has personally led retreat-goers through psilocybin-assisted therapy. His firsthand knowledge and in-depth field experience has positioned him as an industry thought leader. Be it an expert or novice, Justin shares his wisdom with his colleagues, guests and media in thoughtful and visionary ways. He leads with education and makes surveys a part of the success story at MycoMeditations.

Inside and Beyond Podcast with Natalia Fomichenko

Episode Description:

In this episode we discuss the benefits of psilocybin retreats for mental and physical health, the impact of psilocybin on the brain, and contemplate the nature of mystical experiences.

Help Existing with Rachel Krantz

Episode Description:

Today I'm talking with Justin Townsend, CEO and Head Facilitator for MycoMeditations. His company operates legally in Jamaica doing psilocybin-assisted retreats. Participants attend for seven days, work with licensed therapists throughout, and trip three times.

You've probably heard about some of the potential therapeutic applications of psilocybin, and changes in states like Oregon, which legalized the medicine for therapeutic use. I've heard predictions that as psychedelic therapy spreads, there will soon be a huge need for tens of thousands of therapists trained in this modality.

I picked Justin's brain about what people who are interested in working in this emerging industry should know. We also delved into why psilocybin is therapeutic in the first place, and the results his team has seen with attendees.

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