For the Rookie, the Pilot, and the Psychonaut.

For the Rookie, the Pilot, and the Psychonaut. How exactly do such different groups manage to come together and not interfere with each other’s experience when everyone is in such a different place? One of the things that seem to intrigue me the most about MycoMeditations is how these retreats seem to bring together such [...]

A New Member at MycoMeditations

A New Member at MycoMeditations Hey everyone! My name is Mike Ljubsa, and I have joined MycoMeditations as Eric’s newest partner. I wanted to make a post for all of those that follow us, or for those who may be interested in joining us on one of our retreats in the future, so that you [...]

Shifting Sands of Psychedelia

Shifting Sands of Psychedelia The Right Dose of Psychedelics? Shifting Sands of Psychedelia: Micro, Meso and Macro Dosing For dare I say it, twenty years I have been a psychedelic enthusiast and particularly a psilocybin explorer, a psychonaut to say the least. I have had an intimate relationship with more psychoactive mushrooms than most people [...]

My Struggles, Depression, and Work With Psilocybin

My Struggles Depression and My Work With Psilocybin Alright, so it’s time to get real regarding my struggles with depression. When was the first time that I can remember experiencing this sinking hopelessness that currently sits on my chest? Are there catalysts or triggers? What has been most helpful in recovering from these dark times? [...]