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Therapy Retreats for Anxiety Offer Benefits Traditional Therapies are Unable to Provide

By MycoMeditations

Talk therapy and medications are effective anxiety treatments for some, but what can you do if these approaches don’t work for you? You’ve probably asked yourself this question a few times already and bumped up against a few different answers, none of them very satisfying. A therapy retreat for anxiety will help you dive deep to focus on getting to the root of the problem.

Therapy retreats provide a more intensive approach than traditional therapy, as you will spend each day completely focused on healing your anxiety, with therapy being a daily activity, not just a weekly session. Retreats also provide teams of mental health professionals in a group setting, rather than relying on a solitary therapist for support. This introduces a key element to overcoming anxiety, one of working through challenges with the help of other people while being warmly supported.

Unlike a typical weekly talk session, therapy retreats for anxiety specially tailor each day to build on the last, creating a rapid positive feedback loop. Beautiful, tropical settings nurture the experience even further by replacing office walls with natural environments.  Combining this with around-the-clock support from a team of trained therapists. You’ll gain powerful insights into yourself, develop new coping mechanisms, and learn to manage your anxiety more effectively.

More often than not, retreat guests are everyday people who struggled through a string of traditional psychiatrists and treatments before trying something different.

Sound familiar?

Methods and Modalities: How MycoMeditations Helps You Resolve Your Anxiety

Guests suffering from General Anxiety Disorder report a


MycoMeditations is one of the longest-standing anxiety retreats of its kind in the world. Our retreat program has been developed from pioneering research and refined by our therapeutic team for years. We have utilized continual feedback both from guests and outside medical professionals to provide the most transformative experience possible.

Our retreats revolve around three, deep-work therapeutic sessions followed by dedicated integration days that teach you to apply the personal insights from your sessions into your everyday life. When working with anxiety, we are able to help guests find the core of their issue in a way they never have before, process it, and work with them to overcome their personal challenges moving forward.

We understand what it means to struggle every day at the thought of social situations, or to feel like you’re paralyzed when faced with making decisions and taking actions that others around you seem to accomplish with ease. Sometimes, even just the thought of trying to get help, of reaching out again only to risk failing and disappointing those around you, is the strongest trigger of all. Disrupting the spiral of rumination that can lead to palpitations, catastrophic thinking, sleepless nights or panic attacks is attainable. We can help you get there.

Our therapy retreats for anxiety are shown to maintain a significant reduction in anxiety symptoms for a year following your experience.

One month after their retreat, guests at MycoMeditations who suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder saw their anxiety reduced by an average of 69%. After six months, this fell to 53%. After a full year, their anxiety reduction levels averaged 59%. Social Anxiety sufferers saw an average 74% reduction in their symptoms after one month. After six months, this fell to 52%, with their anxiety levels reaching an average 39% reduction after one year.

So what is it about MycoMeditations that allows for people to have such long-term improvements?

The three sessions of our intensive 8-day therapy retreats for anxiety utilize a unique method to catalyze these deep mental and emotional shifts: psilocybin mushrooms.

Psilocybin Mushrooms: The Key to Anxiety Retreats with Deep Healing

Who are we?

Experienced facilitators

A lot of thoughts can come to mind when people think about taking psilocybin mushrooms. “Is that even legal? How will they help with anxiety? What if I have a bad trip? Can they make me go crazy?”

The fact that our retreat model has psychedelic mushrooms at its core may surprise you, but psilocybin is actually being studied extensively in current clinical research and creating significant buzz as a mental health treatment for a number of chronic conditions. Many of our guests and these study participants have called their sessions with mushrooms one of the most meaningful experiences of their lives.

Explore our survey data to learn more.

MycoMeditations has spent the past decade pioneering the field of psychedelic therapy retreats  and has helped over 2,000 guests by administering over 6,000 doses of psilocybin. We host our retreats in Jamaica, where psilocybin mushrooms are also completely legal.

A therapy retreat for anxiety with MycoMeditations consists of three psilocybin dosing sessions on alternating days, which are integrated within group and private therapy settings on each of the non-session days. Your psilocybin experiences are closely tended to according to your individual needs by a team of skilled therapists and facilitators. These experiences can sometimes be challenging, but that’s often when they end up being the most rewarding.

Learn more about how our retreat model delivers lasting results.

How Exactly Does a Therapy Retreat with MycoMeditations Help to Overcome Your Anxiety?

Psilocybin mushroom therapy can help you overcome an anxiety disorder in a number of ways, one of which is by promoting neuroplasticity, which improves the brain's ability to create new connections within its neural networks. Because of this, there is also a period following a psilocybin experience where old, unhelpful patterns can be shifted more easily. Psilocybin also reduces activity in what's called the Default Mode Network, or DMN, which is responsible for your sense of self. Once this network is disrupted, there is a type of “reset” that occurs in which the thoughts and feelings with the most emotional charge are able to emerge. Memories and connections related to trauma and stressors can rise to the surface, allowing you the rare opportunity to process and heal the root cause of your anxiety.

You can learn more about the science behind psilocybin and explore our retreat’s therapeutic outcomes for anxiety.

Will a Mushroom Therapy Retreat Get Rid of My Anxiety?

What do our guests say?

“To say that my experience at Myco was transformative would be an understatement. It was nothing short of a rebirth...”

While psilocybin is not a panacea, “life-changing experience” is the most-used phrase on our TripAdvisor page.

Attending a psilocybin retreat can help you overcome anxiety and improve your quality of life. A participant in a MycoMeditations retreat, Joe, from Knoxville, Tennessee, shared: “To say that my experience at Myco was transformative would be an understatement. It was nothing short of a rebirth. I embarked on this journey with reservations and uncertainties, primarily due to my struggles with anxiety and depression that have cast shadows over my life for far too long that I never really thought there was any other way to live my life. However, from the moment I stepped into the embrace of the retreat, I felt a sense of safety, understanding, and warmth that I had not known in literally my entire life.”

Guests who attend our therapy retreats for anxiety report:

  • Reduction in symptoms: They find out what it's like to live without intrusive, negative thoughts and achieve a calm state of mind
  • Increased social connection: They feel less anxiety when interacting with people, enriching their social lives
  • Better mood: Their everyday state feels more naturally happy and joyous
  • New insights and wisdom: They leave with a substantial understanding of how their past impacted them and what to do going forward

If you are interested in a healing journey with magic mushrooms, MycoMeditations offers guests  the chance to experience psilocybin therapy retreats for anxiety legally, and safely in Jamaica. We host retreats year-round for up to 12 guests at a time and have three all-inclusive locations.

Apply for a MycoMeditations retreat today.

Showing a trauma therapy retreat attendee being treated for PTSD

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Trauma Therapy Retreats: From Surviving PTSD to Thriving
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