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A Psychologist on Psilocybin

As a psychologist Sherri had read plenty regarding the benefits of psilocybin. At MycoMeditations she got experience them directly....and it wasn't what she had expected.

Sharon Seeks Shrooms and Finds Her Freedom

After multiple rapes, paternal abuse, and defecting from her Mormon family and faith, Sharon shares her recovery through the use of psilocybin mushrooms. Get ready to get grounded in this down to earth story of resilience, humor and liberation.

From Suicidal Tendencies to a Psilocybin Solution

With a history of self harm and suicidal ideation, 19-year-old Christiana came to psilocybin therapy with high hopes for healing. She found what she was looking was inside of her all along. An amazing story of a mother and daughter seeking to heal by any means necessary.

Psilocybin for Self Mastery

Elliot Dacher, a physician of 60 years and 30 year meditation practitioner. His experience illustrates that psilocybin assisted meditation delivers what years of silent sitting seemingly does not: the experience of truth...not just the understanding of it.

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Creative Juices Flow, Under the Influence of Psilocybin

Renowned artist and activist Ross Bleckner joins us for a conversation discussing his use of psychedelics for creativity and emotional processing. Another great guest joins us in another great episode." rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">

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The Rebirth of Robert

The mushroom shares its wisdom through the voice of Robert. This is one to share with your friends.

It Was In You All Along

Attempts at suicide, thirty years of depression, it all seemed hopeless...then she found psilocybin. You are not alone Jill. Your story may save lives.

Investment Banker Turned Jellyfish

In an attempt to combat insomnia Akshay takes a gamble on psilocybin. In this episode we touch on many topics from drug stigma, the overview effect, Michael Pollen's "How to Change Your MInd", Johns Hopkins research and much more!

Rhonda Needs Some Help Too Ya Know!

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Listen to this episode to hear about Rhonda's exploration of Psilocybin and the wonders it revealed!

A Comedian Gets Serious With Psilocybin

Comedian Steve Gillespie converts into a spiritual guru thanks to psilocybin. Just kidding...but he is taking it MUCH more seriously.

King Khanga: A Natural Mystic Experiences the Magic of Mushrooms (Part 1)

Natural wisdom, natural mystic. My friend of two decades sits down and shares his wisdom and some of the messages he has received from his encounters with the mushroom.

Fantastic Francesco's First Taste of Psilocybin (Part 2)

Italian hospital administrator Francesco shares his early thoughts on psilocybin from his first MycoMeditations retreat.

Our hearts go out to this friend of MycoMeditations. His last stay with us with us ended just before COVID-19 swept across Italy.

We hope that his experience with us provided some space and preparation for what he went home to.

Fantastic Francesco's First Taste of Psilocybin (Part 1)

Funny enough Francesco just finished his second retreat with us. Explorer, scientist and creative genius...what does he make of the mushroom?

Launchpad: Psilocybin Jamaica (Part 2)

A cornerstone figure of the Jamaican psilocybin movement, Doreen Gordon hosted the first every MycoMeditations retreat at her guest house in 2013. Doreen finally takes the mic to tell the world how she feels about psilocybin.

Launchpad: Psilocybin Jamaica (Part 1)

A cornerstone figure of the Jamaican psilocybin movement Doreen Gordon hosted the first ever MycoMeditations retreat at her guest house in 2013. Doreen finally takes the mic to tell the world how she feels about psilocybin.

Sheelah-cybin Take 2

Wrapping up the conversation with therapist, now psychedelic explorer Sheelah. Don't miss the completion of this discussion.

Applying Time Travel to the Here and Now

Psychotherapist, mother and newly minted psychonaut, Sheelah shares existential wisdom gained from her first experiences with psilocybin.

The Other Side of the Mushroom

Eric flips the script and becomes the interviewee for The Psilocybin Chronicles. From the genesis of his mycological adventures to some of his current thoughts around psilocybin and it's potentials, Eric talks the talk of the walk he has been walking for more than 20 years.

A Busman's Holiday

Facilitator Dan Such finally takes a break to sit down at the mic and process some of his own psilocybin experiences. A down to Earth view on journeying to Hyperspace.

A Seizmologist Scales Psilocybin

Scientist, seeker and teddy bear, Craig, shares his exploration into healing with the use of psilocybin mushrooms at MycoMeditations.

The Playful Side of Psilocybin Therapy

Christina Ingenito, LCSW shares her personal story of transformation through psychedelics and her expertise as a psychedelic therapist.

An Anesthesiologist Feels the Sting...of Psilocybin

Alcoholism, childhood trauma and a pathway to healing. A unique and intelligent individual shares his journey into psilocybin for healing and growth.

Sidi, Mother of Shrooms

Sidi Genus probably has more experience than any other living Jamaican cultivating psilocybin mushrooms and facilitating the experience. She talks here about the experience, the impact and the optimism that she has had since working with psilocybin.

When a Sheriff Takes Psilocybin

A sheriff and an aircraft engineer share the mic and their psilocybin experience. THIS episode is a must. Law enforcement can be loving. We can ALL benefit from a change of perspective.

Mushrooms...Making Waves Across the Island of Jamaica

Shanika Sancroft currently manages cultivation for Magnificent Mushrooms LTD, the Jamaican company that cultivates psilocybin mushrooms for MycoMeditations retreats. She also works as a facilitator for MycoMeditations. Prior to that as social worker for the parish of St. Elizabeth Jamaica.

Psychedelic Family Values

Family therapist Brooke Novick tells us how psilocybin changed the course of her life and juxtaposes psychedelic therapist in comparison to traditional therapy and many other interesting topics around her experience facilitating at MycoMeditations.

Eight Grams to Enlightenment

Decades in the making, this experience was one of the most powerful releases of trauma that our team has yet seen. Join this powerful conversation with Otis, an administrative palliative care physician as he shares his story of psilocybin healing.

S'more Psilocybin Please!

Rhianna McNana talk about her first encounter with psilocybin in a s'more and her evolving relationship with these 'teacher' mushrooms we know and love. A lively and lovely conversation.

A Skydiver Jumps Into Psilocybin

Is skydiving comparable to psilocybin? Experienced jumper Megan thinks so. We talk harm reduction, addiction adventure...and a little controversy around psilocybin.

Becoming Breanne

In an epic battle of self discovery Breanne uncovers her true self and finds her worth. The struggle is real and ongoing, but this young woman has what it takes!

Mandy's Mushroom Mingle

Mandy encounters psilocybin for the first time. First contact was lovely. Fortunately though it wasn't all fun and games as Mandy finds out more about what the mushroom has to offer...and it isn't always pleasant...but it is always rewarding.

Money Marketing Meets the Mushroom

Financial advisor and investor, Michael, reports back from his psilocybin expedition to further understand behaviors and perspectives.

Daring Dayna and Her Adventures with Psilocybin

Australian Chemist, Dayna, talks about trauma recovery and getting the most out of your psilocybin experience, at which she is a pro.

Shane Mauss Says: Psychedelics Are No Laughing Matter

Comedian Shane Mauss joins me to talk about his psilocybin experiences, his upcoming documentary Psyconautics and psychedelic-induced psychosis.

Managing the A-typical, Mystical Experience

Andrew, a father, an MD and a recovered alcoholic describes his mystical experience, manifested uniquely through a psilocybin encounter.

Growing, with Psilocybin

Athena Rose, joins me as we discuss her initiation into psilocybin as a tool for personal and professional growth, in ways you might not imagine.

Self-Compassion for the TKO!

Realizations so hard they might just lay you flat! My anonymous guest finds what he is looking for inside of himself! Warning this episode is filled with non-toxic masculinity, brotherly love and other warm and fuzzy feelings. Listen at your own risk!

From Psych Ward to Psilocybin

After trying Western methods Garret went to meditation, exposure to nature and psilocybin to find healing. His inspiring story is an excellent example of how alternative methods can help to attain psychological wellbeing.

Psilocybin and Sexual Trauma

This candid interview explores an individuals healing journey from sexual assault through the use of psilocybin and other modalities. Powerful, painful and profound, Patricia's journey and endurance should be an inspiration to us all.

Truly A Heroes Journey

Talking candidly about losing his brother to a psilocybin-related accident and later finding his creativity once again through courageously continuing to work with the mushroom, artist, musician and producer Jamie Prott shares his heroic journey in this most recent episode of TPC.

When Therapists Seek Therapy

Denise, a therapist herself, seeks psilocybin in hopes to help herself and better understand psilocybin as it comes closer to therapeutic legality. Let's just say, it wasn't what she expected.

Reclaiming the Goddess

Author and musician Willa Grey re-discovers her goddess self through working with psilocybin and continues to heal from various forms of trauma.