Meet some of our team members

Eric Osborne

Founder/Head Facilitator, Mushroom Expert, M.Ed

Eric made his first annual pilgrimage to Jamaica in 2003 and worked with his first MycoMeditations group there in 2013.

As the first Indiana State Certified Wild Mushroom Expert, a gourmet mushroom cultivator and founder of  the non-profit organization PLEDG, (Psychedelic Liberation Education Discipline and Guidance) Eric has committed his life to learning and teaching the benefits of medicinal fungi.

Twenty years work cultivating, consuming, and administering psilocybin has taught Eric many invaluable lessons. With a sincere and lighthearted approach, he maintains a safe and structured setting for the psilocybin voyager.

This journey has not been an easy one. In 2013 Eric was arrested for hosting psilocybin sessions on his farm. While creating significant challenges, it was the motivation needed to take his work public.

Witnessing the healing effects of psilocybin so many times fueled Eric’s drive to ensure safe, legal access to psilocybin. In 2016, while serving a two year probation sentence Eric invested all of his efforts into building MycoMeditations and PLEDG. The work has continued to grow ever since and the healing has touched hundreds of individuals.

Courtney McClure

Director of Operations

A competitive figure skater for fifteen years, Courtney graduated from The University of Louisville with a BA in Public Health Education with a minor in Wellness Coaching.

As Operations Manager, Courtney brings with her years of experience managing teams and projects within the wellness community.

As a certified wellness coach, Courtney applies her coaching skills with retreat preparations and post-retreat integrations helping clients establish and maintain long term wellness plans.

An experienced psilocybin facilitator, Courtney often joins us onsite for retreats. As Eric’s wife of five years, they have partnered in the facilitation of many psilocybin experiences together forming a unique bond that is very supportive in our psilocybin sessions.

Mike Ljubsa

Business Director & Facilitator

Throughout his time in University, Mike began to suffer from depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Conventional treatments provided him very little relief. It was during this time that he discovered psilocybin mushrooms and began exploring his psyche.

Psychedelics immediately became an enormous interest of his with the realization that these compounds were completely misunderstood by society and were in fact powerful tools of the mind.

Mike discovered MycoMeditations through a Google search and over the course of a week in Jamaica with Eric, undertaking three of the biggest psilocybin experiences of his life, everything changed for him. This transformative week allowed him to leave with a completely different perspective on life. The experience completely reframed his understanding of his personal issues, the human mind, and reality.

Following this, Mike immediately dropped any future career plans in order to join MycoMeditations full-time. He often works at the retreat as a facilitator. He also coordinates the marketing of MycoMeditations and helps in management from back home in Edmonton, Canada.

Athena Short

Operations Manager

Athena received her B.S. in Communication from the University of Louisville. Her degree and internships during her college tenure included community outreach, developing team building programs, leadership skills, and maintaining intensive schedules.

New to the wellness community, Athena has developed her skills at a variety of customer service jobs around the country, bringing a unique view and understanding to her position.

In her role as office manager, she is the first point of contact for guests and helps coordinate and organize each retreat.

Shanika Sancroft


Shanika, a Treasure Beach local, is a trained social worker and a former employee of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in Jamaica. Shanika worked closely with the most vulnerable Jamaican populations, where she provided assessments, counseling and helped families cope with the challenges of living in a developing country.

Shanika also served as the Administrative Assistant at the Treasure Beach Destination Management Organization (DMO) a non-profit organization aiming to support the Treasure Beach community through the development of a sustainable and unique brand of ‘Community Tourism”. Through her training and passion for communal and personal wellness, Shanika is a cornerstone in our local outreach efforts in Treasure Beach and all of Jamaica.