How we structure the optimal retreat environment

Change Starts Here

Experience has taught us that the greatest immediate change is realized through subsequent psilocybin doses in a focused, flexible, facilitated setting. We have also seen that lasting change calls for integration and sustained practice.

Our retreats combine the wealth of traditional knowledge and modern research to create an optimal model that will make the most significant impact on your wellbeing.

From the moment you submit your application until long after you’ve returned home, you can trust you’ll have access to every resource you need to start feeling better.


As one of the leading providers of psilocybin-assisted therapy, we have set the standard for psychedelic facilitation.

Retreat facilitators come from a variety of therapeutic backgrounds. Many bring comprehensive training in a particular modality or vast personal experience with psilocybin mushrooms in their personal healing journey. Our team has significant hands-on experience working with people in non-ordinary states..

Your facilitators will serve as your guides. There will be one facilitator for every one to two guests, ensuring that you will have the support you need throughout the experience.


A team of therapists who specialize in psychedelics allow us to offer psilocybin-assisted therapy at a deeper level. In addition to the MycoMeditations formal facilitation training program, a majority of our therapists have also completed a psychedelic-assisted therapy training program of their own. The therapeutic staff all have extensive experience working with people processing their psilocybin experiences.

Our therapists will be involved both in one-on-one and group discussions to ensure that you are safe and supported while confronting your more challenging issues.

Every retreat is staffed with a minimum of one therapist to help support you process your experience and find clarity.

Before the Retreat

Preparation starts before your retreat begins.

Our therapists carefully screen each application to evaluate psychiatric diagnoses, medications, contraindications, medical conditions, and other factors. If any questions arise regarding your application, a therapist will schedule a call with you.

Upon registration, a call will be scheduled with a therapist from our team so we can better understand your needs and goals. We encourage you to share freely and to ask any questions, and for guidance on how to best prepare.

Prior to your retreat, use this time to begin establishing your mindset for the experience; willingness, trust, and surrender are all qualities of mind that leave space for profound changes. Should you want additional guidance, ask us about our privately curated network of therapists who can support you in your psychedelic preparation. MycoMeditations will also be providing resources via email in the weeks and months leading up to your retreat.

During the Retreat


Preparation is about becoming comfortable in your new surroundings and emotionally preparing for the days ahead.

Once you have had a chance to get settled, you will meet with your facilitation team – the retreat leader, licensed therapist, medical staff, and support facilitators who will be with you throughout your experience. They will educate you about psilocybin, address any concerns, provide helpful frameworks for understanding, and share techniques that you can bring with you to your sessions. Together, you will begin to explore your intentions for your three doses to optimize the outcomes of your retreat experience.

Psilocybin Sessions

Psilocybin sessions are primarily deep individual work, but that does not mean you will go without support.

Before each dose, our facilitation team takes care to ensure you feel grounded and prepared. Each session takes place in a peaceful outdoor area where you will consume your recommended dose of psilocybin mushrooms. Ultimately, the mushrooms will guide your experience where it is meant to go, but your facilitators are present every step of the way to provide comfort and guidance. Based on your treatment goals, they may step in to offer direction or create opportunities to expand the benefits of your psilocybin experience.


Integration is about taking what you experienced during your sessions and assisting you to create meaning. This is where lasting change begins.

On the days following your sessions, your group will come together for facilitated integration. Every guest will have the chance to speak about their experience with the group. These conversations help to interpret the impact, meaning, and content of your experience and shape it into an actionable path going forward. Group sessions are also a valuable opportunity to learn from the experiences of others, as this may deepen or influence your own insights. Some of the most crucial integration work also happens during unstructured time spent relaxing and reflecting.

Following the Retreat

Therapeutic integration is an ongoing process.  Your retreat may bring revelations or a series of gradual realizations that unfold with time.

Following your retreat, you will have the opportunity to reconnect and continue the work through a series of online group integration sessions. Those looking for one-on-one guidance can also opt for a referral to one of the psychedelic integration specialists in our network.

After just a week together, you will create a deep and lasting bond with your fellow retreat guests and team. Should you ever need them, the group will always be there to support you.

Our Team is Ready to Help

We work hard to make sure all of our guests are supported in the best ways possible—before, during, and after your stay.

If you are ready to attend MycoMeditations, our trained and talented retreat staff will help you get the most from your experience.