Your safety and security
are our number one concern


The safety of each and every one of our guests is something we take very seriously. It is essential for your safety that you fully disclose all medications you are taking on your application, as well as your medical/psychiatric conditions. This information is used to counsel guests prior to their retreat, and to assist with determining how much psilocybin is appropriate.

We also ask that you take care of your needs during your stay here. For example, stay hydrated, use sunscreen and insect repellant as needed, respect your physical limits and communicate them to the retreat leader, and do not take substances that endanger either your experience or your health.

Nickesha Strachan

Nurse for MycoMeditations

Nickesha Strachan was born and raised in Treasure Beach. Graduating from Hospicare Nursing Academy in Mandeville, Jamaica, Nickesha holds a Certificate in Practical Nursing. Nickesha has five-year experience as an Ambulance Emergency Nurse, has worked in nursing homes, clinics and daycares, and functions as the onsite nurse at football, cricket and other sporting events at the Breds Treasure Beach Sports Park. She is also the leader of the Treasure Beach Community Response Team, (CDRT) and is always among the first on hand for hurricane and storm emergencies. Her warm personality, calming presence and personal experiences of healing with psilocybin help her fit her role as our nurse on site perfectly.


Psilocybin sessions focused on self-healing is a new field, so our facilitators have a variety of backgrounds and training. All are selected for their experience with psychedelic facilitation, for their care of those taking mushrooms, and for their belief in the healing that occurs. While the majority of our facilitators do not consume any mushrooms during the sessions, some of our more experienced facilitators do consume psilocybin mushrooms along with the guests.  They select a dose (much smaller than the guests) that they have identified as their “sweet spot”, as they are able to empathize and assist with guests who are in the mushroom space more effectively.


We confer with clinical psychologists and therapists before and after retreats, and there is always at least one licensed therapist facilitating for each retreat.  If you are currently in therapy, your therapist should be informed about your decision to work with psilocybin mushrooms.  If your therapist is unfamiliar with the research showing psilocybin’s benefits, you may want to refer them to the About Psilocybin page. Many therapists who were initially skeptical of psilocybin have come to embrace its benefit to their patients.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns