A Letter from Eric Osborne
and the MycoMeditations Team

It is with great reluctance that I am called to respond to what we believe is a deliberate misinformation campaign. A 2018 statement from Psychedelics Today and a June, 2020 article from Insider.com made erroneous allegations regarding the safety of our psilocybin-assisted retreats in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. Campaigns such as these do nothing but sow unwarranted concern and confusion in those individuals seeking safe and legal access to psilocybin. It is to these individuals, and to the psychedelic community at large, that this letter is addressed.

First let me state, unequivocally, that MycoMeditations, in its seventh year of operation, is a safe retreat. We employ licensed therapists, registered nurses, and our facilitators are highly trained and competent. The claims made by Psychedelics Today, which were later parroted in the Insider.com article, are in stark contrast to the more than eighty five-star guest reviews on Trip Advisor, and articles in the prestigious London Sunday Times, The Guardian, Jamaica’s Gleaner, Travel & Leisure and CNBC.

Many discerning readers of the critical pieces detect the air of sour grapes. The truth is, the accusations were made by individuals only after the MycoMeditations management team unanimously voted to terminate the relationships. I have been reluctant to respond in a public forum, because of expected backlash. Though we have decided not to disclose details, there are good reasons why we chose to stop working with Psychedelics Today, Katherine MacLean, and Jonathan Thompson. We have opted to let go of our grievances which arose from these failed collaborations, and focus on our work. We hope that, for the sake of the psychedelic community, these individuals and the group mentioned, after two years, will do the same.

Those who have been with MycoMeditations on retreat know that my team and I are attentive, caring, experienced and sober-minded. It is true that, during dosing sessions, I and a carefully chosen fraction of our facilitators, will consume a low dose of psilocybin along with our guests. This method was employed not only by shamans and early psychedelic therapists, but more recently by the facilitation team seen in Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP Lab episode. I am confident that this practice is in line with safety standards and as most of our guests have come to agree, enables facilitators to tap into empathetic and intuitive reservoirs that are otherwise unavailable to them. This practice, criticized by our detractors, is one of the many reasons our guests feel safe and supported on our retreats.

The current psychedelic renaissance, despite our enthusiasm, continues to be in a tenuous position and vulnerable to unsubstantiated criticism, untruths and rumor mongering. Public psychedelic figures who use their influence to grind personal axes may not deserve the influence they have. Their negativity injures the movement and may prevent people in need from getting access to healing. We find this behavior contrary to qualities found in true psychedelic leaders and are determined to lead by a better example. We work diligently to bring safe, legal access to psilocybin to populations that are hungry for and deserving of healing.

Our return guests, and those who have followed my very public work with psilocybin wellness over the past seven years, are well aware that MycoMeditations, PLEDG, Magnificent Mushrooms and The Psilocybin Chronicles have all been works in progress, and they will always be. The community of which we are a part and the work we do are living and evolving. The example I have chosen to embody is one of courageous growth. You can see the evolution of my projects. I have not used pristine branding, expensive websites, nor presented myself in any way that is inauthentic. You have watched me grow. You have watched MycoMeditations grow. And many of you have been part of that growth and success.

Why am I so passionate about psychedelic healing? Because I love to watch my fellow humans grow alongside me. We are all in this together, friends. And when we recognize that, we will lift each other up, not tear each other down. The passion that I have for psilocybin and for the mushroom kingdom does not delude me. It fuels me. It inspires others. And it is what I offer to you.

Thank you for granting me the opportunity to process these feelings and share them with you. If you would like to hear an audio discussion around our safety procedures and growth as a company please listen to the recent episode of The Psilocybin Chronicles. It is a privilege to serve others through the mushroom and I look forward to a bright future ahead, as psychedelics continue to heal our world.


Eric Osborne & the MycoMeditations Team