1st Trip 10/22/17

Watching well-being unfold.
Watching tension build and release
The process. The progress.
The mushroom, so much room, for growth.
For the process to carry us back to our birthright.

Freedom means, Love is
Guttural screams and simultaneous laughter,
uncomfortable conversations and the horror of my face in a mirror
This is how we expand. How we come to know, that we are one,
That there is no beginning, there is no end.
There is only now. Anew, each moment.

Who will save me I cry!
The echoes of my screams call back
Save yourself!
I must, we must, save ourselves,
whom are each other.

2nd Trip 10/24/17

Darkness moves in on the wings of mosquitoes
A calm settles in and the downloads begin
Enough with the Unity and emotions already!
Blasé in the face of an intergalactic intelligence

Shivers, convulsions, So much joy, so much joy
Hey! Can we get a little suffering over here!
Those newly introduced and seasoned voyagers
On a level playing field of experience

Singing and bringing our gifts to the alter
Of our hearts where we make this sacrificial offer
Of tears, laughter, awe and inspiration
Liberating ourselves from the confines of our mind.