Wow what a long time since my last post. I’ve been like a mushroom dormant under the forest floor. No doubt though I have been diligently working away just as the mycelium is even when there is no fungus to be seen.

Since my last post MycoMeditations has had three outstanding retreats. Each was special in its own way. May brought together a diverse group of individuals who had similar yet different motivations for taking the mushrooms.

June, perhaps was one of my favorite retreats ever. Co-hosted with Jonathan Thompson who is founder of Psychedelic Parenting and becoming a MycoMeditations staple, this was our Psychedelic Families Retreat. I suppose I underestimate the cutting edge nature of such a concept. It seems to me that psychedelics are so normal that it wouldn’t be controversial in the least to discuss them as part of a healthy family dynamic. Yet the reaction to this as a topic certainly seemed to raise some hairs.

As I suspected though, this was an outstanding experience and so much was gained by the participants. Craig, who brought his wife and daughter, was previously a participant in the Johns Hopkins research regarding psilocybin and meditation. He shared his comparative experiences with us on a video that you can watch HERE. Making it an even greater joy for my was the inclusion of my son. It was has first time in Jamaica and his first direct encounter with what we have always called in our home, sacred mushrooms. I was so impressed with his maturity and ability to assist others in their mushroom experiences. It must run in the family.

July, the Shroomfest Retreat exceeded my expectations. Shroomfest is a global holiday started by comedian Ari Shaffir. it is without form or expectation other than mushroom lovers eat mushrooms at some point during the three days of ‘full moon’ following the Summer Solstice. This was undoubtedly the most laughter filled time I have ever spent in Jamaica. Perhaps it was the holiday initiated by a comedian, perhaps it was the company included, perhaps it was some cosmic alignment, but all I can say is that as a group we laughed more than any of us I think has every laughed in our lives.

August looks to be another adventure. My wife (who hasn’t been to Jamaica since 2015) and our youngest son will be joining the group. We have a dynamic group of nine people signed up with various motivations for joining. No matter the motivation, I am confident that the guests will gain much from their encounter with the mushroom. These powerful companions seem to always give everyone just exactly what they need. It took some time (mushrooms sure can be tricksters) but learning to trust the mushroom was one of the most beneficial decisions I have ever made. Where they will lead me next, who knows, but wherever it is, it will be for my own good.