One of the things that seems to intrigue me the most about MycoMeditations is how these retreats seem to bring together such a wide variety of people. Just the other month we had a guy from New York, who had never even smoked cannabis before, taking 6+ grams of mushrooms by the end of the retreat right next to somebody who routinely smokes DMT and has reached beyond universal/cosmic confines. How exactly do such different groups manage to come together and not interfere with each other’s experience when everyone is in such a different place? The common belief is that psilocybin only gives people what they can handle, and it shows with it all managing to work together perfectly, bringing to each person exactly what they need. So how does it work this way?

In this article I am going to try and go through what a psilocybin experience may bring for each group…

The Rookie. Somebody who’s only introduction to mind-altering substances may only be alcohol or cannabis.

The Pilot. Somebody who is comfortable with something like cannabis and has maybe tried psilocybin or other psychedelics recreationally.

The Psychonaut. Somebody who has let psychedelics show them the far ranges of consciousness and has willingly (or unwillingly) had all concepts of reality go up in flames.

Let’s begin.

The Rookie

When you haven’t done something like psilocybin, or any psychedelic in general…it is almost as if you are only capable of seeing things through our everyday worldview, which is thinking of things based on life on Earth, it’s people, environment, places, cultures, politics, etc. Your mind hasn’t really had an opportunity to expand beyond what is occurring throughout this world on a day-to-day basis to you, your family, your friends, or to anyone anywhere in the rest of the world in general. Your worldview only exists within THIS world, within THIS reality.

Wait, how does this make any sense? Isn’t reality a state of realness, meaning it is the only real thing? How things ACTUALLY exist? Of course there isn’t another way of existing than the way we exist every minute of every day for our entire lives.

Well truth be told, there is definitely more to existence than this current reality. There is an entire world invisibly interwoven within our own, every bit as real as this one. What we see on an everyday basis is existing through a filter. Our eyes only see certain ranges of light, our ears only hear certain frequencies…these are filters. There is actually an entire other filter that blocks the true connectedness of everything that exists. And it is really remarkable to discover this for the first time, because it brings to you such a strong, mind-shifting recognition that stays with you forever once you realize this.

Psychedelics are basically a key to this realization. And with this key can come a lot of stunning realizations that can change the way you see the world forever. Obviously in doing this, they are clearly strong substances…sometimes they can cause feelings of discomfort for various things personally. However, this is all a part of the puzzle I guess you could say…

The Pilot

If you have done psychedelics a couple times, maybe with friends out somewhere on a hike or at the lake, you have probably gotten a glimpse into what is explained above. There is a state of being all around us that is so awesomely connecting and inspiring, and it is incredible to have experienced this for yourself. You may have experienced a feeling of extreme connection with those around you, unlike anything you have felt before. It is a feeling that gets etched into you forever.

Or maybe you have done psychedelics, and had some experiences that were almost too much to handle. By feeling this, you may have realized that psychedelics can really play with the mind and can cause really noticeable changes in perception, and this isn’t always easy to understand or wrap your head around, and they can sometimes show you very scary things.

Why is that?

Well psychedelic literally translates to “manifest of the mind”. Which implies that parts of the mind aren’t actually always available to you.

Psychedelics can take you on a journey throughout many areas of your mind that you didn’t know existed. And this is what makes them so powerful to heal with. They can bring up thoughts, feelings, or experiences that you didn’t even know were elements of you. With this you are able to recognize and learn incredible things about yourself…whether this is through unlocking something that has been hidden away from your past, or by gaining new insights to something you were already aware of as psychedelics give you the ability to rapidly form new brain connections.

The incredible feeling of connection to the universe and to everything around you can be healing, but so can some of these uncomfortable truths about yourself. The healing can be beautiful, but it can also be very hard. Nonetheless, psychedelics give you what you need.

The Psychonaut

In a general sense, a psychonaut is somebody who explores these states of consciousness for personal and spiritual purposes. Through a ton of experience, they can slowly piece together how this all fits within itself and what it all actually means.

The psychedelic experience is never ending however, and it can continually act as a source of enrichment in people’s lives. When you become more and more comfortable maneuvering amongst these states, it eventually gives it more of a feeling of exploration…like you are willingly going on adventure where you have a general idea of what sorts of things you may like to explore, but at the same time having no idea where the hell you’re actually going to end up. You can continue to experience personal stuff if you like, or you can try to reach areas that bring you outside of yourself, where you cease to exist. This area has it’s very own zone of lessons and knowledge that you can bring back once your shattered ego slowly begins to put itself back together, providing it with new pieces of insight to add to you.

Overall, all MycoMeditations aims to do is give each person, no matter what their stage, exactly what they need to come out the other side of their psilocybin experience a better person. Whether this is exploring what it means to live in a world that seems different from the world you are used to, witnessing the beauty of cosmic connection, realizing new things about yourself, overcoming damaging experiences in your life and moving on, or questioning everything you have ever thought possible…our facilitators know that this is your exact experience and unique only to you. We are simply here to help make this process as beneficial as possible for you.

We really hope that we are able to aid in more and more of these life-changing experiences for people, and hope to see you down in Treasure Beach, Jamaica with us one day.