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Our therapists are highly trained to guide your on your psychedelic retreat

Ancient Medicine with Modern Application

Throughout human history, psilocybin mushrooms have had tremendous medicinal and spiritual importance within cultures around the world. Recent and ongoing clinical studies only support what our predecessors already understood about the healing potential of psilocybin.

Since hosting our first retreat in 2014, MycoMeditations has become one of the longest-serving psychedelic-assisted retreat centers in the world. We create deeply therapeutic experiences with psilocybin mushrooms in natural settings, complimented by a Western, contemporary approach which is best suited for modern times.

1,500+ Guests Have

4,500+ Mushroom Doses

3,000+ Hours of
Group Therapy

Gold-Standard Model for group psychedelic-assisted therapy

Gold-Standard Model

Over the years, we have researched and further developed the best therapeutic practices from prestigious research institutes in pursuit of developing a gold-standard model for group psychedelic-assisted therapy. Explore and participate in one of the most advanced, evidence-based therapeutic psychedelic-assisted retreats.

Three Psilocybin Sessions in one week

Three Psilocybin Sessions

With three psilocybin mushroom sessions over the course of a week, we offer you the potential for intensive healing and growth. Most retreats offer one or two mushroom sessions; our findings clearly demonstrate that a three-dose regimen delivers the best long-term psychological outcomes for our guests.

High Dose Treatments are available

High Dose Treatments

We are known for our willingness to administer higher doses as needed. Higher doses can be essential when working with certain acute, long-term mental health conditions. We have spent years learning and developing protocols to guide your most cathartic and transformative experiences safely.

We are a mental health focused retreat facility

Mental Health Focused

While our retreats can help people facing a variety of challenges, our focus has always been on providing assistance with a number of mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. Guests who are routinely denied by clinical research trials or wellness-oriented centers because of the extent of these conditions are welcome here.

We tailor our environments to your needs

Environments for Everyone

We create healing environments that are non-dogmatic and accommodating to guests from diverse backgrounds, belief systems, and dispositions. Our therapy team is experienced in providing frameworks of understanding to assist you in integrating your psilocybin sessions in a way that best resonates with you.

Most of our retreat staff are licensed mental health professionals

Multiple Therapists

Our retreat staff is almost entirely composed of licensed mental health professionals who are experienced in utilizing various therapeutic modalities with psychedelics. We focus on providing you with support within a familiar Western contemporary therapeutic model.

Reduced group sizes for our retreats to allow for a more focused approach to your care

Intimate Group Sizes

Our intimate retreats have a maximum size of 12 guests, which allows our team to cultivate extensive focus on both the group and each guest individually. In doing this, we ensure that you are provided with a plethora of therapeutic touchpoints between peer and private care.

We staff our psilocybin retreats with one therapist or facilitator for every 1.5 guests

High Team to Guest Ratio

To ensure the best care, safety, and outcomes, we typically staff our retreats with at least one therapist or facilitator for every 1.5 guests. A high team-to-guest ratio provides you with a variety of specialties and unique insights from our therapists. The availability and access to our team allows for the highest level of care throughout the week.

Our Extensive Support includes around 20 hours of group therapy discussion

Extensive Support

Your retreat will include around 20 hours of group therapy discussion, and you will be provided with an unparalleled level of therapeutic support from our skilled and compassionate team. Between group discussions, private conversations, meals, and downtime, our team is ready to support you throughout your entire stay with us. Multiple online group integration sessions will follow your retreat as well.

We have a thorough Preparation & Integration process to ensure you feel confident at our retreat

Preparation & Integration

Prior to your retreat, you will have a Zoom consultation call with one of our therapists and receive our digital suite of materials to ensure your preparation. Following your retreat, you will remain connected with your fellow guests and retreat team through multiple group integration calls and our ongoing group networks. You will also be given access to our list of personally vetted integration therapists for any guests who would like ongoing integration.

Issues We Assist With

  • Depression
  • Generalized Anxiety
  • Social Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Addiction
  • Insomnia
  • OCD
  • Chronic Pain
  • Concussions
  • Body Dysmorphia
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cluster Headaches
  • End-of-Life Distress
  • Grief

Other Areas To Explore

  • Personal Growth
  • Life Direction
  • Purpose
  • Career Development
  • Relationships
  • Confidence
  • Managing Stress
  • Creativity
  • Feeling Stuck
  • Resetting Yourself

"I am certain my life will now be divided: Life Before MycoMeditations and Life After MycoMeditations."

“I made this trip with my aunt, and found it an excellent experience to share with a loved one. I cannot overstate the skill, love, and qualification of the operations and facilitation teams at Myco. We both felt completely safe and looked after the entire time. The friendships formed with the other participants in our group of 11 will last a lifetime.”


“I’ve been to a few psychedelic retreats. I thought MycoMeditations was my favorite by far.”

“People from all walks of life with different belief systems can come here. A large portion of the facilitators are experienced therapists and have seen it all and know how to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. The integration meetings and one on one chats are an integral part of the process here and you can tell that these people know what they are doing ever step of the way.”


"My friends have noticed the difference and are already signing up for their own retreats with Myco!"

All the staff from the therapists/facilitators to the service staff are seriously impressive. Theres a real family/camaraderie atmosphere while still being 100% professional—a difficult balance to strike and I commend them. They are warm but no-nonsense people. They are all highly qualified and experienced with powerful intellects, great personalities and senses of humour. They are lighthearted yet serious and discreet. Words can’t do justice to just how legit the experience at MycoMeditations is.


"I can honestly say that I am not the same person as when I left for Jamaica. My family is amazed at the transformation."

I read all of the reviews, read books and watched every documentary on psilocybin to prepare myself for this journey. After a year of me hesitating, I pulled the trigger and went to Myco. This has been the single most impactful decision I have ever made. My husband, and adult children thank me for doing this for myself. This experience has changed me enormously and I wish everyone could go to Myco.


"I've tried everything to treat depression, anxiety, and somatic symptoms; only Myco has catapulted me to the next level of awareness, acceptance, and forgiveness."

I made three visits to Myco in the past 20 months. The first visit was about unearthing my painful past, the second about universality, mysticism, and grace, and the third a very personal journey about ridding myself and my family of inherited intergenerational challenges. No visit was easy, but they were each meaningful to the extreme.


"I’m convinced eight days with MycoMeditations did more to help heal my psyche than a lifetime of pills, IV's and counseling was ever going to."

“The support staff possessed the requisite training and experience, but beyond that, each exhibited an uncanny temperament that allowed the work to unfold safely and to astonishing benefit. I definitely witnessed the art of being a healer at its best. It reminded me of why I originally went into medicine.”


"I am blown away by the degree of professionalism, knowledge, skill and organization that I encountered."

Not knowing what to expect, I immediately felt safe and taken care of. Nothing there is left to chance, MycoMeditations’ vast experience shines from the minute you arrive. They can handle anything! My experience there changed and saved my life. No need to elaborate further. Thank you, MycoMeditations Team, for what you do, for what you created, and for the profound impact you will continue to have.


"Next to giving birth to my two daughters, this has been the most beautiful and life changing experience of my life."

“The changes that I not only feel in myself, but my family can see, are invaluable. Deep down I knew there was another way of existing in this world. I knew that I could live and love deeper than I was. It is our birthright to be happy. If you feel called to this kind of healing, please be brave enough to accept. There is so much beauty on the other side.”


"My experience at MycoMeditations showed me what the gold-standard for this work looks like. This will be the centre recommend unreservedly."

“I read about MycoMeditations in a professional journal and felt a need to visit. It was a radical experience—strange, challenging, and beautiful. It was shadowy and transcendent, the territory familiar and yet unknown. By the third trip I felt a profound healing. I don’t think this door would ever have opened for me without the psilocybin. It illuminated what had been deeply unconscious.


"This retreat was the most incredible experience of my entire life."

For a long time I have struggled with negative self-talk, guilt, anxiety, social anxiety, anger, self-conciousness, fear, and loneliness. I have been struggling to find a sense of meaning and connection in life. The older I got, the more these feelings intensified. With my 40th birthday looming, it seemed like the perfect time to book this retreat and attempt to change my perspective on life. I got everything I hoped for and more.


"My sessions at Myco were able to release deeply repressed trauma that I have never been able to access in any other healing modality."

I am a survivor or early sexual abuse and trauma. My life has been filled with chronic anxiety, physical illnesses and fear of intimacy. I have been in psychotherapy or some kind of healing modality since 1993, yet at 65 years old, I still found myself struggling to stay well, work successfully and engage with others deeply. Release of deeply held trauma was not easy but I feel so shifted! So much lighter! So free!


"We chose MycoMeditations because of the western-medicine approach analogous to the Johns Hopkins treatment protocols."

The therapeutic attention that I received was unlike anything I ever experienced. This is a program engineered to provide profound transformation in the setting of safety. As far as I can tell, every participant shifted with personal change for the things that motivated them to seek help. I am changed, and my wife is changed. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is the most profound experience of my life.


Holistic medicine has immense value for mental health

Retreat Locations

Setting is an integral element of psilocybin-assisted therapy. Every retreat aspect, from the peaceful Jamaican fishing villages to our partner guesthouses, villas, and staff have been thoughtfully selected. Explore the unique ambience of our tropical sanctuaries to discover the experience that is right for you. Whichever location you choose, we seek to ensure a safe atmosphere of relaxation and reflection.

Blue Marlin

Starting at:
$6,750 / person for shared occupancy
$9,200 / person for single occupancy

Our flagship location, Blue Marlin effortlessly combines comfort with the laid-back pace of island life making it our most popular retreat location.

Rainbow Tree

Starting at:
$7,000 / person for shared occupancy
$9,200 / person for single occupancy

With recent renovations, Rainbow Tree offers our guests a modern Caribbean experience, beautifully designed rooms and decor, and panoramic views of the sea.

Bluefields Bay

Starting at:
$11,150 / person for double occupancy
$13,100 / person for single occupancy

The unbelievable oasis of pristine waters and lush mountain scenery in Westmoreland Parish is where you’ll find Bluefields Bay Villas, our highest-end retreat offering.

Experience the healing power of psilocybin in a beautiful environment

Blue Marlin

Starting at:
$6,750 / person for shared occupancy
$9,200 / person for single occupancy

Our flagship location, Blue Marlin effortlessly combines comfort with the laid-back pace of island life making it our most popular retreat location.

Blue Marlin
At our psilocybin retreat, you are in safe hands on your healing journey

Rainbow Tree

Starting at:
$7,000 / person for shared occupancy
$9,200 / person for single occupancy

With recent renovations, Rainbow Tree offers our guests a modern Caribbean experience, beautifully designed rooms and decor, and panoramic views of the sea.

Rainbow Tree
Our staff ensure that you have healthy meals

Bluefields Bay

Starting at:
$11,150 / person for double occupancy
$13,100 / person for single occupancy

The unbelievable oasis of pristine waters and lush mountain scenery in Westmoreland Parish is where you’ll find Bluefields Bay Villas, our highest-end retreat offering.

Bluefields Bay

MycoMeditations & Imperial College London Research

As of March 2021, there were 181 participants from MycoMeditations that were studied for baseline data, followed by post-ceremony data of 57 participants at two weeks, 79 at four weeks, and 32 at six months.


Studied using the Watts Connectedness Scale (WCS), which measured the degree of connection that each participant experienced to themselves, others, and the world.

MycoMeditations participants experienced increased feelings of connectedness by 35% four weeks after attending and remained increased by 35% six months after attending.

Depressive Symptoms

Studied using the Quick Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology Scale (QIDS), which was designed to assess the severity of depressive symptoms.

MycoMeditations participants experienced reductions in depressive symptoms by 51% four weeks after attending, and 34% six months after attending.


Studied using the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale (WEMWBS), which was developed to enable the monitoring of mental well-being in the general population.

MycoMeditations participants experienced improvements in psychological well-being by 18% four weeks after attending, and 12% six months after attending.

Mystical Experience

Studied using the Mystical Experience Questionnaire (MEQ), which is made of subscales consisting of unity, transcendence of time and space, sacredness, noetic quality, positive mood, and ineffability. According to the MEQ, a ‘complete’ mystical experience is counted when someone ranks above 60% on each of the subscales.

In 17% of sessions, MycoMeditations participants experienced a complete mystical experience.

Social Connectedness

Studied using the Social Connectedness Scale (SCS), which assesses the degree to which people feel connected to others in their social environment.

MycoMeditations participants experienced improvements in social connectedness by 23% four weeks after attending, and 17% six months after attending.

MycoMeditations Guest
Survey Outcomes

Based on survey responses from hundreds of guests, submitted on average 11.5 months after attending a retreat.


Would attend MycoMeditations again


Considered their experience at MycoMeditations ‘positively life-changing’


Felt the experience was in their Top 5 most meaningful life experiences (21.5% said it was the most meaningful)


Would recommend MycoMeditations to other people


Believed that a MycoMeditations retreat is a suitable alternative to conventional mental health treatments


Of people agreed that their experience helped them address their biggest personal obstacle in a significant way


Experienced what they felt were significant emotional breakthroughs


Experienced what they considered significant psychological insights


Would attend MycoMeditations again


Considered their experience at MycoMeditations ‘positively life-changing’


Would recommend MycoMeditations to other people.

More About

Experience the beauty of the natural world while you focus on your healing journey

Truly Life-Changing Experiences

As much as environmental setting is important to your psychedelic journey, so is your mindset. Every effort goes into setting the stage for transformation when you attend MycoMeditations. Excellent preparation, care and attention from our retreat staff and camaraderie amongst the retreat group accompanies you on this journey of healing and self-discovery.

Safe, Legal Access to Psilocybin Therapy

MycoMeditations works exclusively with psilocybin mushrooms. As a natural and non-addictive compound, it is one of the safest and most effective psychedelic remedies for a range of mental health conditions and personal challenges.

A Proven Approach Delivering Impressive Outcomes

The foundation of our methodology is grounded in an unrestrictive, agnostic approach to psilocybin-assisted retreats. Skilled, compassionate, and experienced therapists and facilitators work with you and guide you with the most relevant therapeutic frameworks, techniques, and psychoeducation during your stay.

Our Staff Will Meet You Where You Are

Our therapy team blends experience, skill, and passion for this work into all our psilocybin-assisted retreats. You can trust that you are in the absolute best hands when you attend MycoMeditations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pick MycoMeditations over other psychedelic retreats? +

MycoMeditations provides three therapeutic psilocybin sessions alongside 20+ hours of integration with intimate group sizes. Our retreats are staffed with mental health professionals and have the highest team-to-guest ratio for psychedelic retreats. Most other retreat centers offer one or two doses, group sizes nearly twice as large with less support staff. MycoMeditations primarily treats guests who are struggling with various types of mental illness of all severities, which also sets us apart from most other centers. See this section for the differentiating factors between us and other psychedelic retreats or clinics.

Can I join your retreat if I have never taken psychedelics before? +

Absolutely. Many of our guests have never consumed psychedelics except for possibly some experimentation in college. Many of our guests have learned about the healing potential of psilocybin mushrooms only in the last few years from emerging psychedelic research. Our retreats are for everyday people just like you.

What will you do if I have a bad trip? +

We don’t subscribe to the notion of “bad trips,” but refer to them as challenging. When psilocybin mushrooms are taken responsibly (with the appropriate support and preparation), the experience can be extremely transformative. Our retreat program is designed to help guide you through these experiences most effectively. Our team is always there to support you during the psilocybin sessions, and through the hours of integration and discussions during the week.

Why is your retreat more expensive than others I have looked at? +

MycoMeditations is one of the world’s longest-running psilocybin-assisted therapy centers. We have spent years developing and refining our model and protocols to provide the best possible retreat experience and outcomes for our guests. We keep our guest registration per retreat lower than most, and our team-per-guest ratio very high. All our retreats are staffed with mental health professionals, who have years of experience working with clients in non-ordinary states. A typical MycoMeditations retreat may have 10 guests with 7 facilitators. Most other psychedelic retreat companies often take up to 20 guests with only 4 facilitators, many of whom may not have a mental health or trauma-informed background. Our retreats are 8-day retreats and include 3 psilocybin sessions, while most other retreat centers only offer 3 to 5-day programs with 1 or 2 sessions.

Ultimately, the cost of our retreat packages is a result of our pursuit to build the gold-standard for psychedelic-assisted retreats.

Will the retreat benefit me if I don’t have any of the conditions listed on your homepage? +

Definitely. While we have developed a reputation for hosting guests with mental health conditions, we know that psilocybin is a medicine for everybody. Whether you consider yourself healthy or not, this is likely an experience that can offer you tremendous benefits. The only requirement is that you join the retreat knowing that this is not a recreational environment, and the work can be quite heavy. There will certainly be lightness and fun throughout the week, but to build the strongest group container possible, we ask that everyone joining MycoMeditations does so ready for highly intentional work.

What does aftercare or integration following your retreat look like? +

Following each retreat, your lead therapist will host the retreat group for multiple, online, 2-hour, integration sessions. The format resembles your integration sessions from the retreat week, continuing the connection with your psilocybin experiences. Post-retreat integration sessions take place at approximately 2 weeks and 6 weeks after the retreat.

Why is the cost of the mushrooms not included in the retreat package? +

As psilocybin is not legal in most countries, we cannot include this cost in your retreat package. For this reason, we require the mushroom payment to be made separately upon your arrival at the retreat.

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Therapy Call

After registration is complete, we will arrange an intake call for you with one of our therapists so we can better understand your needs, provide guidance, and answer additional questions

We have a wide variety of retreats for you to choose from for your life-changing experience

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