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The group dynamic allows for powerful insights and enables the growth mindset that is so powerful here. Through discussion and the sharing of experiences, guests are able to reflect on one another’s journey allowing for new perspectives and understanding of the different ways in which people find healing. There is no one right way. Within this group framework, there is plenty of time for one on one discussions with facilitators as well as social engagement with other guests if this is what suits your personality.

In addition, customized private retreats can be arranged on request at differing rates.  Use the Contact Form for inquiry.

We do encourage you to participate in the group setting. Healing is a process and often the group plays an important role with individual progress.

Occasionally we offer retreats with special guest speakers or facilitators. These retreats may have more of a topical focus but will include all of the same offerings from standard retreat packages. Retreats that are ‘comfort accommodations only’ will be listed and priced as such.

If you had a single dose in mind, or if you are travelling in Jamaica, we are sometimes able to accommodate ‘weekend’ retreats or single night stays but we strongly encourage guests to stay for a minimum of seven nights to work with psilocybin several times and to allow for onsite processing and integration.  Use the Contact Form for inquiry.

The healing experience does not begin when you consume the mushrooms and it is not over when the active psilocybin effect has passed. We are not glorified ‘trip sitters’. Our experienced team is here to assist you in gaining the most out of your overall psilocybin experience in terms of personal growth.

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May 2018

With Psychedelics Today

May 16 - May 23

Join us for this special retreat with an introduction to Holotropic Breath Work *This special retreat will be entirely hosted in our comfort accommodations. The cost for this seven day retreat will be $2495 for a shared room

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June 2018

MycoMeditations Second Annual Psychedelic Family Retreat

June 9 - June 16

We will be centering some of our discussions around how the psilocybin experience can help us become more loving and understanding with our relationships with loved ones.

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July 2018

MycoMeditations Retreat

July 18 - July 29
August 2018

ShroomFest 2018 Inspired by Comedian Ari Shaffir ​

August 19 - August 29

This retreat is part of a Global Event celebrating Psilocybin and contributing to the Global Psychedelic Community

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September 2018

MycoMeditations Retreat

September 13 - September 23
October 2018

MycoMeditations Women’s Retreat Featuring Women’s Herbalist Susun Weed and Rebecca Rozelle

October 11 - October 18
November 2018

MycoMeditations Retreat

November 22 - December 3
December 2018

MycoMeditations Retreat

December 27, 2018 - January 3, 2019
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